About Me

3 Amigas 2013

I am the one on the right, standing with my two best friends since high school.  We have been friends longer than I have been married and we still keep in close touch.  Not a week goes by where I don’t see one or both of them.  They are truly special to me and I love them both dearly.

Feels weird to be writing something about me, but here goes.  I was born in Montana and at the age of sixteen moved to Hillsboro, Oregon where I still reside.  Married 40 years to my best friend Randy, I have been truly blessed.  He is a faithful and patient man!  We were blessed with three amazing children and now nearly 10 grandchildren.   Being grandmother is the greatest gift from God EVER.

Above all else, I am a born again Christian.  I am unashamed of my beliefs and am intensely in love with my savior, Jesus Christ.  Every day is a gift – even when things are hard. I know first that I am not alone and that this moment was designed specifically for me to form me and my character into the image of Jesus.  And he is such an amazing being – it is a joy to be made like Him.

Writing to me is like breathing.  It is not a desire, but a true need.  I am grateful for this blessing and am working every day to be the very best writer I can be.  I self published my first novel in May of 2017, and am finished with the first draft of my second novel.  It is a lot of work, but I love it.

I love to laugh, and I have no problem with laughing at myself.  I am always doing something truly amazingly dumb.  In fact, I am so famous for them that when my friends do something short circuited they say they “did a Debbie”.  Someday I will blog about these things in greater detail.

I hope you enjoy my blog site and my books.

Deb Christensen