Rise Up or Melt Down

Rise Up or Melt Down.   My favorite quote is “Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.”  Always makes me smile.   I have no fancy picture today.  Thought about taking a selfie of me pulling out my hair, but that is too hard to do one-handed.  🙂  Besides, that is not the picture I want to convey or the message I want to deliver.

Every day is filled with little frustrations.  Computers that won’t work, drivers that cut you off, appliances that break down, or babies that won’t stop crying.  The list goes on.  With each frustration, we are given a choice.  Will we Meltdown or Rise Up?

Yesterday was a day filled with technical computer hassles that did not seem to end.  It was a full day of battling frustration and trying to practice patience.  Sometimes I won and laughed about the whole thing.  Other times I complained and threatened to throw my computer out the window.  As if that would help!  Finally, I gave into self-pity and reached for a bag of chocolate – searching for comfort and solace.  It didn’t work.  It only added guilt to an already heavy day.

But when I step back and really look at yesterday, every trouble I encountered was trivial.  I allowed some petty things to affect me negatively.  I chose “Meltdown” more often than “Rise Up”.  The situations was what it was.  My attitude is what really makes the difference no matter what I am facing.  And my attitude is my choice.

Today is the day that the Lord has made.  EVERYTHING and I mean everything, that happens is an opportunity to be blessed or to bless others.  Did my complaining help my co-workers who were suffering similar issues?  I found out about three quarters in my day, that the issue was company-wide. I wasn’t the only one suffering.  My grumbling only added to their overall dissatisfaction.  What if I had laughed, shared jokes, had fun?  Wouldn’t that have been a better experience for me and them?

Fortunately, my Father loves me in spite of my meltdowns and is always working in me to Rise Up. He is always faithful, patient and kind.  He loves me – really loves me. It takes my breath away and makes me warm all over.  AND it makes me want to RISE UP – to be like Him.  He never melts down or gets frustrated. God is so cool.

As I said, the things yesterday were trivial in comparison to so many other catastrophic things I could face.  BUT the choice is always the same – Melt Down or Rise Up.  Those tiny trivial things are merely practice for the bigger problems.  I must have needed a lot of practice yesterday!  🙂

So, my goal today, dear friends, is to Rise Up.  I want to focus my eyes and attention on My Lord, the master of the storm.  I can trust him to lead me on and navigate me through the stickier parts.  I want to dance on the waves of my life, not sink into a pool of self pity.

Blessing on you all,


2 thoughts on “Rise Up or Melt Down

  1. Spoken like the true Champion God has made you!
    To Him goes the glory!
    (But if you ever need to melt down, if only for a minute, I am there for you! And I think God wouldn’t mind.)
    I love you, Deb.


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