Every Day Is A Gift


I love presents.  I honestly don’t know which I prefer more; receiving them or giving them.  There is something exciting about presents!  The mystery of what is in the very pretty bag or beautifully wrapped box; the look on the face of the person opening the item and discovering what lies inside; the squeals of delight.  All exciting!  Gifts are AWESOME!

Recently my granddaughter turned eighteen and the theme of her party was Dr. Who.  About two weeks before her party, I spotted an angel in the garden section of a drug store.  (Crazy – right?).  I was there for a prescription and as I waited I stumbled upon her.  It sort of reminded me of a weeping angel from Dr. Who.  I quickly purchased it, eager to “Doctor Who” it up a bit and present to my granddaughter.

I couldn’t wait to get it home planning all the things I was going to do to make it more like the Weeping Angels from her favorite TV series.  I made a “Don’t Blink” sign and tied it around the neck of the angel.  With a hot glue gun, I created tears (you can’t see them in the photo) that flowed from the angel’s eyes.  I wrapped it up in a bag I had picked out especially for it.  Then came the hard part; WAITING for her birthday.

The day finally arrived and as it turned out, she ended up opening my gift last.  It was killing me as I waited for her to open it.  But it was worth the wait!  She LOVED it and it is now prominently displayed in her room.

As I reflect on that day, it reminds me that EVERY DAY is a gift to us from our Father!  David said, “This is the day that the LORD HAS MADE!  I will rejoice and be glad in it!”  YES!  Today is a gift.  Maybe it isn’t wrapped up in sunshine and rainbows, but it is a precious gift.  And it contains so many blessings and opportunities…if I see and recognize them.

Wouldn’t it have been sad, if my granddaughter didn’t open the gift that I was so excited to give her?  What if she had ignored the bag, and didn’t even bother to look inside.  OR what if there were other things in the bag, and she only focused on the one thing?  What if I do that every day with this gift of today that God has made?

It causes me to pause and to take a closer look at today.  God created today.  He is here, right now, watching me as my day unfolds.  Do I see Him?  Do I see the blessings He has sown in this day?  Or am I so fixated on the bad things that the world and the enemy have put in my way, that I don’t even look for them?

Father – Thank you for today.  Today you want to teach me about YOU!  You made today to be glorified and to help me to become more like Christ. In this day that You designed and created, help me to see You and say THANK YOU!

This is the day, that the Lord has made.

I will be glad and rejoice in it.

Blessings my friends!


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