Falling for Autumn

Falling for Autumn.  fall leavesYes, a play on words, but appropriate.  My favorite season has always been, and likely will continue to be, is Spring.

I love the sense of life returning as buds sprout on trees, plants burst from the cold dead ground promising flowers and color.  I love the warm sun that chases the cold away.  Spring teems with life.  Little lambs bouncing in fields – joyful and alive.  Tiny birds are born and the morning air is filled with the call of birds.  Even the night is alive, with the cacophony of frogs croaking their love songs to their mates.  I love the longer days, and the unexpected changes in weather.  Wind and rain one moment, followed by bright sunshine the next – Spring is full of surprises.  I love spring.

My mother always loved autumn.  She loved the leaves changing colors – the brilliant reds, amazing golds and bright yellows.  Fall heralded the coming of crisp evenings, and chilly mornings.  The smell of wood fires and apple cider while a large Harvest Moon on a dark cloudless night, all quietly ushered in a season of preparation.  Canning, blanching and pickling are all part of the autumn rhythm.  My mother loved fall.

As I said, I love spring.  I’d tolerate fall and only Halloween and Thanksgiving were the high points in an otherwise dark and dreary season.  But a couple of weeks ago, I boarded the Mt. Hood Railroad train  with my husband and friends and  went on a three hour journey on a sunny autumn day.  The picture above was from the train as I leaned out between cars trying to capture the faint view of Mt. Hood in the distance.

The leaves were incredible.  Bright oranges and reds against a crystal blue sky.  As we moved through forests, the views were even more beautiful.


This picture was captured as we passed through a forest.  Light flooded through the trees, illuminating the colors –  it was glorious.  (You can see two gold lights reflected from my cabin, if you look closely.)  This picture doesn’t come close to the beauty I experienced.

Valleys, fields, wooded glens passed by as I enjoyed the easy pace of the ride.  The slight sway of the train on the tracks almost lulled me to sleep, but I didn’t want to miss the view.  After all, I didn’t pay the train fare for a nap!

The best thing that came from that journey was a deeper appreciation of autumn.  It represents harvests, long evenings, crisp fall air, families and celebrations.  It heralds the approach of winter, with its even longer nights, cold frosty breath air, and the promise of snow – even if for only a few days.

I will always love the spring (in spite of my allergies), but I’ve enjoyed this fall.  Not just on the train ride – but maybe because of it.  After all, I spent three hours looking at scenery.  Not often do I take the time to just enjoy the view.  Since being back, I appreciate more the block I live on.  Red vine maple trees line the street, and the brilliant reds whether by day or night were stunning.  One of the trees stands in front of my home, and a street light next to the tree illuminates the beautiful red leaves at night.  In the mornings, the sun pushing through the leaves, casts a rosy glow into my bedroom window.

I love spring – but I think I can say, I am fond of autumn.  What’s your favorite season?

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