Taste and see

20140201_142931Nothing is more fun than to see a one-year old dig into their first piece of birthday cake.  Especially when – for the most part – their diet for the first year has been formula, rice cereal and baby food.

Oh there is the occasional treat, but to be handed a slice of cake, no holds barred – that’s mind blowing.

I have nine grandchildren, and I’ve been to all their first birthday parties and many others.  I’ve noticed that there are two camps of cake eaters.  Some kids dig in without any coaxing, while others are uncertain and have to be coaxed.  But once they taste and see that it is good, the fears are gone and soon so is the cake.  But they don’t just enjoy the cake with their mouths.  This amazing desert calls for a full immersive experience.  Not only must they taste it, they must feel it with their hands, slather it across their face and wash their hair with it.  They want to be fully immersed in this amazing, sensory exploding, experience.

God invites us to taste and see that HE is GOOD; better than any birthday cake we could ever imagine.  He wants us to dig in and enjoy Him – enjoy His unconditional, never-failing LOVE for each of us.  Yes He loves the world, but He loves us individually as beloved children!   Think for a moment about this truth – God looks at you as his precious son or daughter.  Why else did he send His only son to take our death sentence away so we could be united with HIM?  We are his children and HE has good things to give us.  If only we would taste and see.  He wants us to have a fully immersive experience OF HIM.  He wants us to dive in, dig deep and discover all He is for us.

Some of us need coaxing.  Fears and doubts about God, about our own “eligibility to be so loved” hold us back.  “If God knew what I was really like, He couldn’t possibly love me,” we think.  Truth is, God knows every nasty stinky horrible thing about you and He still loves you!  YOU! As you are!

As you taste God and see He is good, you will change.  When you begin to be immersed in Him, your heart, perspectives about yourself, others, and God – all change.  Light chases away the darkness and goodness remains.  Peace, Joy, Love are the icing on the cake.

So my friend, DIG IN!  Taste and see that the LORD is GOOD!

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