20160723_195109_resizedLight.  Amazing, warm, brilliant light.  I love when it filters through dense trees, piercing the darkness, revealing hidden wonders that were once lost in the shadows.

I love the feel of it on my face on a lazy summer day; the cheery warmth it offers on a cold winter afternoon.

Recently as I watched the eclipse of the sun, I marveled as the temperature dropped as the light dimmed around me.  I could still see the light, since I was not in the range of totality, but it was dark enough for street lights to turn on.  It was the cold that surprised me.

Let there be light.”  Amazing to ponder the power of my Father.  Four little words – a simple command – and light bursts forth.  That’s how amazing God is. He can do anything – even create light where there once was darkness.  Yet, it wasn’t spoken lightly, or on a whim.  You see, God always has a plan.

Light is so incredibly important to us as humans.  We use it to tell time and determine seasons.  It causes plants to grow which in turn creates the oxygen we breathe.  It affects our mood, and our sleep cycles.  We use light to find our way in the darkness, see things clearly and even to protect us.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” (Jn 8:12)  He even went on to tell his followers that they were the light of the world. (Mt 5:14)  What kind of light was He talking about?How can a human being be light?

To understand this, we must first accept the fact that there is a spiritual darkness and it is all around us.  It is in the lies we tell ourselves and others.  It is in the hurtful words and unkind acts that we do and say.  It is in murder, war, jealousy, spitefulness, immorality, cruelty, pride and self gratification.  That is the darkness; and it is crushing our very souls.

Jesus came to free us from this darkness; to give us light to truly see.  We were not created for darkness.  We were created to reflect the image of God – to glorify him.  We are light when we show compassion to the poor or sick, visit the lonely, put others needs before our wants, and hold no record of wrong against our friends and family.  We have moments when we appear to shine, but often the motivations for our works is faulty and filled with darkness.  True light is there when we do these things with no thought of self, but act only out of love for the Father and for our neighbor.

Walking in the light of Christ is glorious.  It is amazing the wonders revealed when we walk with the Father in obedience and love as his children.  As a believer in Christ, I am the daughter of God!  What an amazing and humbling thought!  Even more amazing, is the fact that I did nothing, can do nothing, to earn this gift.

Do I still stumble?  Do I sometimes walk in the darkness?  Yes.  I am not perfect…yet.  But I know one day in heaven I will be perfect like Jesus. For now, I walk this life in faith and trust in my Father…in Jesus…In the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is the light – but the choice is always mine.  Will I remain in His beautiful joyful light, or step into the shadows of darkness? 

Unfortunately, I still err from time to time, and choose the darkness.  I allow unkind words or lies to come out of my mouth.  I can be childish and selfish.  My focus is on me and what I want and not on My Father.  It is cold and unfriendly in the dark.  There is pain there too.  Confusion and doubt begin to crop up and choke me if I linger too long.

But I have a faithful Father.  He reminds me that I am His.  He calls me back to the light where I can find forgiveness, cleansing and peace again.  Sometimes He uses hard circumstances or the consequences of my unwise choices, to call me back. Sometimes He simply reminds me of his love in the most simple and profound ways; like seeing light break through the clouds.

If you long for the light, the true light of Jesus, simply ask in faith for Him to come and be your Lord.  Confess, agree with him, that you have sinned and you will be forgiven.  “For God so loved the world, that He sent is only begotten son, so that whoever should believe in him would not perish, but have everlasting life.” (Jn 3:16)

Isn’t light wonderful?  Come dance in light of grace and love – you will never be the same.




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