There is joy!


Life can be hard…dark…unfriendly.   Troubles and trials rush in and overwhelm, like dark clouds of a mighty storm.  Pain, suffering, loneliness…all part of that “quiet desperation” that simmers around us.  Sometimes the darkness is so black, the pain so intense that it causes us to lose site of the good.  And there is good.  There is always good.

Can you see it? taste it? feel it?

For a long time, I didn’t.  I’ve was in deep dark places where I nearly took my own life.  Convinced that I was worthless, that my problems were insurmountable, that no one would care.  Such awful lies.  Yet they seemed so true.  And in my darkest hour, Goodness reached out to me.  Goodness took my hand, opened my eyes to hope, light, and joy.  Goodness told me I was loved…that I was valuable.

Still I struggled.  Convinced of my unworthiness, committed to piling on self-condemnation and self-hatred upon myself.  Once again, the dark covered my soul and smothered me.  Once again I sought to take my life.  In that black moment, Goodness once again tenderly embraced me.  Thoughtful words, kindnesses unexpected, joy in the morning all drew me back once again from the pit.  Goodness cradled me and sang over me like a doting father.

Goodness.  The Father of hope – true hope.  The Father of joy – abounding joy.  God is good – all the time.  He was there in my suffering, in my darkness shining.  A knight with sword drawn, fighting for my life.  Fighting for me. God is GOODNESS.  He has changed me forever.  He made me his child!  wonder of wonders – how can this be?

It was no small cost, to work this miracle.  He gave up his very life for me.  He rose again for me.  For you.

The great creator of everything, holy and righteous would love a speck of dust like me seemed impossible.  BUT HE DOES!  My heart cannot contain my joy now.  He never leaves me. Never forsakes me.  I am His child.  I am HIS and He is mine.

Come taste and see that the Lord is GOOD.

Now when the clouds appear in my life, I look for His light – His goodness.  Oh how sweet is the LOVE of my Father!  How beautiful is my Lord.

Words cannot describe the joy I now find every day.  There are times when the waves feel like they may swamp my little boat, but then I see Him in my heart – standing fearless in the storm and I am unafraid.  My heart exults with His.  He is the master of the storm, and I am HIS.  I do not fear.  I rejoice!

As I’ve said before, I am a Christian.  Born again and grateful every day that I am not alone.  I pray you experience the Joy of the Father today and every day for eternity.

God Bless.



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