My first royalty check!

What an amazing thing to receive money for something I have written…  Yes, it was not very much and yes, I was probably my biggest customer having purchased copies for my family…but I still got paid!   HUGE smiley face!

I know that people think that if you are a really good writer, that you don’t need to self publish.  Editors and Publishers will knock at your door.  Nonsense.  Many exceptional writers got their start self publishing.  By their own hard work and determination, and skillful writing, they amassed such a following that the Publishers literally did knock at their door.  They wanted a piece of the action.

I don’t care if you self publish or work with a publication company.  Writing takes a LOT of work.  Once your first draft is written, you would think you are nearly through the process.  NOT by a LONG shot.  Most writers will do multiple re-writes and edits.  Fine tuning and polishing.   Writing the synopsis, getting the cover art and then getting it loaded into the Self Publishing tools – adds to the time it takes to get your masterpiece into print.

Then it sits there.  Your closest friends and family happily purchase a copy of the e-version.  Some actually buy the paperback.  If you want your book to be a success you need to be willing to market it.  That is in itself a daunting task when you don’t know what you are doing.  It is awkward to beg your friends and family to write a review, but it is critical to the success of your launch.

I’ve been advised I need a blog page.  So here it is, yet I do not have one follower. I have to market my blog site in order to market my book.  catch 22.

Also, it is highly recommended that I get a twitter account – and that I have give-aways of cool prizes to drive folks to my twitter account and /or Blog site where I can capture their emails and hopefully stir up interest in my books.

As of this moment, I am simply enjoying the process of writing…of learning.  With a full time job and nine grandchildren and a very ill son, it is difficult to find time and energy to invest in marketing.  Writing is my escape – my catharsis and my calling.  So I continue to write.

But I know that someday I will focus my efforts and marshall my strength and venture forth into marketing.  For now, I am simply content to craft my stories.

I’d love to know what your experiences have been if you are a fellow author.



August 17:  SINCE writing this, I now have one follower!  Welcome my friend!

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