Where the buffalo roam…


Have you ever had an itch you could not reach?  No matter what position you try to get into – the itch is just out of reach – taunting you as you yearn to scratch.

I’ve used furniture, doors, my family – anything to find relief!

This big guy was trying to rub off his winter coat by using a speed sign pole as his back-scratcher.  I was not about to leave my car to offer the poor beast relief.  He seemed content with his pole.

I’ve had back itches I couldn’t reach, but eventually I found relief.  I am grateful to say that I have never had to resort to a speed sign along a highway.  What a picture that painted!  Traffic slowing down as a middle aged woman, rubs her back against the pole – gyrating up and down – frantic for relief.  Would they take pictures?

My best friend gave me a telescoping alligator claw back-scratcher.  BEST thing ever.  I can pull that baby out when I am in dire need, and end the misery reasonably quickly.  I am thinking of getting one for my husband.

Every night it is the same thing.  JUST as I get settled and am about asleep, it starts.  “Honey, can you scratch my back.”  So I roll over and scratch his back as he grunts happily.  I guess that’s his way of saying thank you.

Funny how a buffalo scratching his back against a pole inspired this little bit of nonsense.  🙂




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