No picture today…  Sorry – been crazy busy at work and have had no time to consider pictures much less a subject for this blog post.  “Stuff” popped into my head, so here we are.

Stuff is amazing.  It has a life of its own.  It grows and multiplies You start out with one thing and then suddenly you have several things and it becomes stuff.  Stuff stuck in closets, drawers, attic spaces, under the bed.  Add to that all the silly factoids (stuff) that is crammed between our ears, and it is mind boggling.

Stuff can become you master – if you let it.  “Sorry, can’t go to the beach, I need to clean the my closet.  It’s full of stuff.”  Failure to “prune down” your stuff can lead to being thought of as a hoarder.  “No, you can’t possibly expect me to let go of those pants!  I wore the in 1976 to the dance.  These babies are special.”  never mind they don’t fit or will NEVER come back into style – we hang onto stuff.

I watched my mother-in-law justify why she had three huge plastic storage bins filled with flip flops.  Not to mention the thousands (yes, thousands) of teddy bears that occupied every nook, cranny and piece of furniture in her home.  You have to clear a space just to visit.  Yet she knows every bear – by name!  More importantly, she knows where she got it, when, what she was doing, who she was with.  Each of these little bears and flip flops have a story.   Her story.  Hoarding kind of makes sense when you think of it in those terms.

Don’t get me wrong – she is not a true hoarder.  She doesn’t have stacks of garbage piled high to the ceiling.  There is no garbage anywhere.  She just has a lot of stuff.

Me, I don’t think of myself as a hoarder.  Yes, my closets are crammed, but not because I can’t let go.  I’m just lazy – or rather I have better things to do – like go to the beach.

Would love to hear your “stuff stories” as long as they are clean.  🙂


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