Deb Christensen – simply me


Welcome to my blog

I am rather new at this endeavor, but am excited about this new chapter in my life.  I look forward with eager expectation as this journey unfolds.  I know it will be demanding – writing always is – yet there is also the amazing energy and excitement as first one word and then another form into story.

We all live story and each of us has our own unique and wonderful experiences filled with trials and triumphs; joys and despair.  Story is life.

The stories I strive to write are about ordinary people wrestling with life’s problems and the fatal flaws my characters need to overcome.  Their experiences are some of my own or borrowed from others.  They become real to me, taking on a sort of life of their own sometimes.

I’ve written one book and thought I was finished.  But the characters in my book clamor for more.  I feel led by my Father to continue the story of the families in this little community called Journeys End.  To some that may sound strange – but to me it is true and mystically real.

You can find my book, “AT JOURNEYS END” on Amazon.  If you opt to read my book, THANK YOU.  If you would be so kind as to leave an honest review – even better!  My thanks to you for your kindness to a fledgling author.

Best Wishes to you


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